Project Angelic AMA

-Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us about your experience and how you got into the crypto industry.

Please share what is Angelic?

very interesting when the game starts?

-are you only using 1 token?

Can you tell us a little about the Angelic team?

Bravo. now I care more about the game

Now let’s move on to community issues. You are ready?

Many games require too much payment just to start the game, how about angelic?
What is the initial amount needed to start with Angelic?

Now to the second question

Congratulations on getting $10 million from investors. What aspect of the Angelic project do you plan to direct these funds to? What other projects are Metaverse Game Studio currently working on?

Now to the 3rd question

Can you explain what makes Angelic NFT different from other competitors in the GameFi NFT industry? What is the unique value of your NFT offering

To question 4.

As mentioned, there are 4 types of characters in Angelic? How do they differ from each other? Is there a fee to create our characters, and can they be rented/rented out and upgraded as the game progresses?

Time for the 5th question

How does #Angelic increase the value, liquidity and utility of the token? So that this could lead to an increase in token prices?

What is your plan to make your project sustainable and provide the best return for investors in the long run?

To the last question.

Can you briefly explain the DAO mechanism and Council voting system on the Angelic platform? What decisions will be voted on and who makes up the council of Angels? Finally, what are the rules for participating in the DAO community?

thank you very much for your generous responses!



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